Access to test facilities

Facilitating and harmonising access to test facilities speed up the innovation cycle of SMEs


Testing and demonstrating marine energy technologies is crucial to show the ‘proof of concept’ and increase in Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs). In this activity, a comprehensive overview of available Dutch test facilities is developed, including their main characteristics, services and contact details. Test facility owners are invited to a workshop to collaboratively design integrated procedures, contracts and conditions.

The main goal is to simplify the procedures SMEs need to undertake to test their technology, thereby accelerating their innovation cycle. The identification of test facilities and organisation of the workshop will be executed by the Tidal Testing Centre (TTC). The NEN (Dutch Normalisation and Certification Institute) offers a membership to SMEs involved in the DMEC project to facilitate input to international standardisation. Product- and project certification to international standards greatly assists in among others decreasing risks and simplifying permit and insurance procedures.