Access to international export markets

Identification of export opportunities for Dutch marine energy producers in international markets to facilitate market updates of energy products and know-how for SMEs


In this activity, Dutch SMEs and research institutes are facilitated to enter international markets through the identification of relevant export markets, international projects and stakeholders. By initiating and maintaining communication with project leaders of similar marine energy projects, sharing essential knowledge and insights is stimulated.

Insight is gained into possibilities for cooperation and knowledge sharing. Export opportunities are identified by exploring and selecting the best product- - market combinations, in order to make concrete matches between potential international markets with Dutch marine energy products.

Promising export countries and regions are selected based on the presence of a local ‘enabling environment’ for the implementation of Dutch marine energy products and tools that support market access for Dutch SMEs and research institutes. Those export opportunities will be identified by the Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP) through their extensive international (embassy) network.

Moreover, marine energy technologies offer opportunities to be internationalised and incorporated in waterworks in integrated solutions, such as dikes and dams. Examples could be an “energizing delta” or a “tidal bridge”. Therefore, large companies in the hydraulic engineering and delta development sector are identified to explore further development of the opportunities for these integrated solutions.