Access to public/private finance

Facilitating access to public and private finance to secure investments in the different phases of the innovation cycle


Diversification of available sources for finance and investment are important for young, fast-growing companies. In this activity, PwC (Department of Innovation & Development) and the Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP) facilitate the identification of both public- and private financing opportunities for marine energy projects of SMEs.

Public financing opportunities (public grants and subsidies) are identified via several national and international subsidy programmes and will be presented on the DMEC portal. The opportunities are actively distributed to DMEC users. In case of collaborative projects where multiple entities work together on breakthrough innovations, DMEC will facilitate building the consortium and using relationships with other networks and marine clusters in Europe to find relevant and complementary project partners.

Private financing opportunities are explored with regional development organisations, banks and private equity firms. Marine energy projects are capital intensive and have a long (>10 years) development time line. PwC and NWP, together with interested private organisations, will explore pioneering ways of risk sharing and the development of new innovative financial instruments.